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Who we are


Why a carrot and a strawberry?

The carrot symbolizes Reason, Passion for numbers and the Efficacy of an action plan.

The strawberry symbolizes Creativity, Imagination, Ideas that thrill and cause results.

Discover Concreto's Strawberry or Carrot side by clicking on the fruits

Consulting Company in Intelligence
and Marketing Strategies

In-depth Analysis. Marketing Ideas.
Action Plan. Measuring of Results.

Av. das Nacões Unidas 12.399 - CJ.86b -
Brooklin Novo - Sao Paulo - 04578-000 - Brasil
T: +55.11.43296001 / 6002

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strawberries or carrots

We are a Consulting Company that loves creating specific and pragmatic Marketing solutions

We create opportunities. We create Marketing solutions. We create an action plan and measure its results. Our job is to increase your sales.

We are a Consulting Company that loves to research

We research. We love to research. We do different Quantis. Different Qualis. We go so deep into our research that we discover the importance of starting a project by doing a cultural analysis.

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